User Experience:
The Underrated Money-Maker

User Experience:
The Underrated Money-Maker

Is it Time for a UX Review?

If your website or mobile app is continually underperforming, it means it is time for a UX Review. With organizations taking on a customer centric approach, this is one of the most important tools you can have to make sure you are putting your customers needs first. 


Why Conduct a UX Review?

Researching your users is the best way to make improvements to your user experience. We know with budget and deadlines this is not always the best or most feasible option, so instead the UX Review was born to offer an additional option. Top reasons why you would conduct a UX Review include:

  1. Timeline: You need to see results quickly. User Research is going to slow things down by at least 3 weeks, so this is where the UX Review is particularly useful.
  2. Limited budget: User research and complete redesigns take time, which equates to money. If your site is continually missing the metrics, but you don’t have the budget for a large project then this is your answer.
  3. Users are hard to connect with: We often find this within B2B, where many users hold executive level positions. This can prolong the timeline even more.


3 Steps of a UX Review

When we do a UX Review, it is three steps. Simple enough, but missing out on one or not diving deep enough will hinder results.

  1. Data: Knowing what is and isn’t there is #1. Taking quantitative and qualitative analytics to see what is and isn’t working. This can come from analytics, business metrics, A/B tests, social or email campaigns.
  2. Expertise: Taking user personas into account and offering insight into why something is (or isn’t) working. Prioritizing recommendations which you can execute on.
  3. Design: Reviewing your key pages and site features and comparing them against top competitors, allowing for our experts to offer suggestions.

The cost of inaction means potentially missing growth goals because of poor conversion rates.  

What to Expect With a UX Review

Why do you want to do a UX Review in the first place? It’s important to start your UX Review by laying out your objectives. Not doing so can mean missing expectations. 

Common high level outcomes include:


Problems to Solve With a UX Review

Understanding this makes your outcomes more measurable. Common business objectives we find clients trying to solve include:

Is it Time for a UX Review?

If you are ready to get on track to improving engagement, amplifying reach, and increasing sales then it is time to consider a UX Review. Instead of waiting months or even years (and breaking the budget in the process), our UX Site Audit enables you to make small, incremental improvements that have a large impact on revenue and engagement.

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